The Idols We Construct

So, this is my latest poem. I was writing it last night, and I feel now it’s time to share it. There are quite a few other older poems I could share, but I think it’s time for this one right now! Basically it’s about how we can idolize someone, and then find out they’re not what we thought they were. Definitely not a fun experience, but certainly not an uncommon one.

It can be kinda like expecting a literal idol to talk, eat, or care about our problems. It’s not real, only a symbol of a greater reality. In a similar sense, it can be the same when we really look up to someone, or deeply love them in a romantic sense. You expect them to be amazing, and out of this world. However, reality can be very different sometimes. Our feelings can be grand delusions, that never were really true to begin with.

Of course, sometimes it can be a positive thing. Maybe someone is a great person, even if our initial impression of them isn’t a good one. Then there could be the scenario where we think highly of someone, and they’re even better than we thought! So, it definitely doesn’t have to be negative. Anyway, hope who’s ever reading enjoys the poem!

The Idols We Construct



The idols we construct
Lead to our destruction
They never seem to be
What we think they are

I ask you to speak
But you just stare ever so blankly
It’s as if you don’t care
As if you don’t care at all

Can you give me food
I’m ever so hungry
But you starve me
And feed me blank stares

Where were you in my time of need
When I cried out in pain
You just went through the motions
Never uttering even a peep
You’re just a blind and lost sheep

What did I ever
Did I ever see in you
You stole my heart one night
Just out of the blue

A random permutation
A one hit wonder sensation
I thought the world of you
What was I to do


Music of the day 4/24-Alexandrite


Song: Alexandrite

From: Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend

Composer: Daisuke Ishiwatari

I’ve been loving this song a lot lately. It’s the theme of Makoto Nanaya, from the video game series Blazblue. I just love how upbeat and energetic it sounds. I think it’d be a great song for working out, or just trying to get through something that might seem monotonous. Enjoy!



When You’re Smiling…

When You're Smiling...

Originally taken on April 12, 2014

For the doom and gloom that is Monday, you dear reader need a happy puppy pic! His name is Luka, his breed is Japanese Spitz, and he is my sister Kelly’s new dog. We’ve had him since late December I believe, so he’s been around for about four months now. He is a handful, but he’s a nice dog. And he sure can smile! Is it Christmas already? Because he sure could light up a Christmas tree with that smile, hahaha! 😀 Have a good Monday, and week everyone! ^_^V


The past can be a hard thing for us to reconcile with. There are good memories, but it’s often the bad one’s that we carry with us. That’s what this poem is about, for the past can be like shadows, that follow us wherever we go. Yet, anything can be overcome, even a past that may haunt us in our everyday lives. Hope you enjoy the poem, and have a good weekend everyone! 🙂


Shadows everywhere
Shadows upon the walls
Shadows in my mind
I feel so confined

We can outrun many things
But we can’t escape our past
For it’s the very fiber of our being
A foundation set in stone

These shadows consume
They gnaw upon the bones of my soul
Be gone
Just leave me alone!

Where is solace
Where is relief
Who knew shadows
Could give me such grief

What did I ever do to you
Did I ever bring up your past
Or the scars that wound your soul

Did I steal your candy
When you were ever so young
Did I reject you
Or ever ruin your fun

Who made you the boss
Arbiter or God
You’re nothing
And yet everything

Yet you have your weakness
I know your kryptonite
For every shadow
There must be a source of light

The light is all that is good
And ever will be
It’s a present without shadows
And a bright future that’s yet to be

I’ll be terse with you
Quite rude in fact
Get out of my life, shadows
And do not come back

And if but for a moment
I see your ugly head
The past is the past
But hope is never dead

Believe and Conceive

Here’s the poem I was talking about in my last post. Enjoy!


Believe and Conceive



We must believe
Before we can conceive
And give birth to our dreams

Dreams are empty thoughts
But they can shine ever bright
All they need are inspiration and effort
The electricity of life

Then they can thrive
And become so alive!

A little sapling
Becomes a great tree
And surely you will see
All you have to do is believe

And when we believe
Then surely we will conceive
And give birth to our dreams!

P.S.-I also wrote another new poem last night! I guess I’m on a roll lately, haha! 😀

Another Poem

Besides the epic lengthened poem I mentioned yesterday, I also wrote another new poem on Saturday. It’s much shorter, and is very hopeful in its theme. It’s about the power of belief, and how it can help us achieve amazing things. I’ll probably share it soon, so be on the lookout for it! 🙂

Something to look forward to!

I’m working on a new poem, and I plan to post it on here. It’s going to be kinda different from the poems I’ve written recently. It won’t be totally bleak, but it won’t be all happy either. The main theme is love; the longing for it, the receiving of it, the loss of it, and what happens afterwards.

Another difference is, it’ll probably be a multiple part epic. I’ve had fun writing the first part which is complete already. I would like to wait until it’s complete, but if I get restless I might share part I before it’s done. Look forward to it, and I hope Saturday is treating my fellow blogging friends well!

Hello from J.E. ;)

It’s J.E. from Xanga!!! I’m finally on WordPress. I have no idea how much I’m going to use this, but I will be able to comment via WordPress now! I think my blog on Blogger will remain my main blog (especially for pictures), but we’ll see what happens. Thank you, and goodnight! 😉