New Camera

Well, here it is!

New Camera

It’s a Sony Alpha a5000! I’ve been very interested in Sony’s mirrorless line of cameras for awhile now, and I’m so happy to have one now. At the beginning of August my family went to San Antonio. I really wanted to go, but I wasn’t really feeling physically up to going. I knew that it’d be easier for them if I stayed, because they needed someone to watch the house. Besides that, it also enabled my dad to take the truck. If all five of us went, he would have had to rent a vehicle. The van can hold five, but their issue with taking that I think was the ac not being cool enough.

So I decided to stay, but I asked my parents for three things. Two were very minor, but the last was this camera. All I wanted was for my dad to help me pay for the rest. I already had more than half of the money that was needed for this camera, but he generously paid for the whole thing! I was very happy to say the least, and now I have this lovely new camera!

I’ve had it for a little over a month already, and have taken a little over five hundred pictures with it. I’ve already put up some pictures I’ve taken with it on Flickr already! The image quality is a huge leap up from my Nikon Coolpix S9100! I’m already very familiar with the menus on this camera, though I still like to fiddle around with it. It takes pictures in low light much better than my previous camera. I don’t have to use the flash at all, even though all I have right now is the kit lens. I definitely think my photography can grow a lot with this little gem.

Next entry, I’ll share a picture from my new camera, so you can see the difference!