A Great Light (A poem for a wonderful friend!)

A Great Light

By J.E. =)


Your beauty is certain

Inside you is a world of light and wonder

Waves might roar

Clouds might pour

But nothing can extinguish your flame


The words you share bring joy

To the heart that is willing to receive them

And to your true friends

You are a treasure indeed!


Gaze up to the sky

The stars do shine

In spite of how far away they are

Their splendor does travel far

And even if it be darkest night

Your radiance will be ever bright



To my dear friend, Kim. I was not planning to write this, but it came on a whim. I just want you to feel loved, and reminded of how extraordinary you are. You are a joy to talk to you, and I am very thankful for you. Whether good times or bad, may your light shine ever onward to greater and brighter things.


A Comparison

Well, time to finally make the promised post! Besides showing a picture from my newest camera, I wanted to share a picture from my older camera so you could see the difference. I definitely think it’s noticeable! 🙂

This is not a perfect comparison, but I think it will demonstrate how much better the images with my new camera can look.

First one photo with the old Nikon S9100:

The Queen

Originally taken on April 11, 2014

And now one with the Sony Alpha a5000:

Cute As A Button

Originally taken on August 21, 2014

So what do you think? I really love the Sony Alpha a5000 so far. I’d just love to get some new lenses for it, but that probably still won’t be for awhile. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures!