Two Types Of Oases: TOTD 8/17

Sometimes an oasis in the desert can seem so alluring, but it’s only a mirage. Other times that oasis is even more you thought it could possibly be. Things are not always what they seem, which can be both good as well as bad. Keep an open mind, but be ready to rein it in as well.


Happy Is The Tree

I’ve been working on more poems lately, but as often is the case nowadays have failed to finish the first two I started on. Thankfully last night I was inspired again, and was able to finish this one.

Life brings its twist and turns that can rattle us to the core. Yet I think those that are able to adapt, and can take what life gives them are often the most successful. I hope you dear reader will enjoy it!

Happy Is The Tree

By J.E.

Happy is the tree
That sways effortlessly
As the wind pushes it where it will
It has no worries
It has no fears
From here to there
Or everywhere
It goes as the wind commands it
If it bends
It bends
It never struggles
Or tries too hard to comprehend
It doesn’t come up with theories
Or deep philosophies
It embraces a simple childlike trust
Not clever sophistries
It may not understand every here, how, or why
But happy is the tree
That embraces life as it comes
And kisses fear goodbye