Just Give Me Your Mind

Here’s the poem I promised, that’s related to The Gift of Individuality post. Always think for yourself, and never give your mind over to anyone completely. Embrace individuality, and the power we have to think for ourselves. Enjoy!

Just Give Me Your Mind



They’ve fed you mere fantasies
Nothing but ideals
Yet there is someone higher
Who’ll show you what’s false
And reveal what’s real

Just give me your mind
Let me take control
I’ll seep into every crevice
Enter every pore
Once you get a taste
You’ll be craving more

Throw your morals out the door
There’s no need for those anymore
Who taught you such things as “kindness”
Surely someone that’s so mindless!

You’ve got to listen to what I say
There’s simply no other way
The whole world is just black and white
There’s nothing in between
No shades of grey
There’s simply no other way

Think inside the box
There’s nothing worth anything outside of it
The demons and snakes dwell there
You better beware!

Let me chop you into bits
And steal all of your wits
I’ll mold you like clay
Then you’ll surely see it my way

Plug into my mind
And never plug out again
You’re only safe within my grasp
My truth is the only thing that’ll last

You fought for a long time
But my vision is complete
As you look into the mirror
What is it you see
Oh such beauty
It’s only me