The Setting Sun

I dedicate this poem to the amazing singer that was Chris Cornell. He was definitely one of my favorite singers growing up, and his music is still amazing to this day. Whether his songs spoke to you or not, one can’t deny he had a powerful voice!

But I dedicate this poem not only for him, but for all those we’ve lost. Whether by death, time, circumstances, or whatever might be the case. A sun might set, but a legacy never has to die. Enjoy.

The Setting Sun



So comes the setting sun
Another day has come and gone
You shined so bright
Star of our life

Who could have imagined?
Who could have known?
That one who emitted so much light
Would be engulfed by endless night

Yet it comes to one and all
The light fades to black
The warmth of April
The brilliance of August
Give way to October
And finally the harsh cold of December

Never will we hear a word again
No song, no mirth, no sorrow
A vacuum of infinite silence
Another star has died

But let’s not forget your brilliance
Let’s not forget your light
Those warm loving rays
That kept us alive
That gave us life!
Let’s not forget

The setting sun has come
And though death might seem to have won
What has been, can’t be undone
Let loving words be spoken
A legacy, unbroken


4 thoughts on “The Setting Sun

    • Thank you so much! Always nice to see a Marica comment!!! My health’s been up and down lately, but I march onward. I’m feeling pretty good today, though! How are you doing?

      Probably in June, I’m going to post a more personal blog entry. Big changes are coming for me. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. It’s been long overdue, though. I think it’ll do me plenty of good! So, look out for that one!!


      • I’m alright. Last summer I left a brief stint as an accountant at a country club and I’m still looking for a new job… I’m being a lot pickier but I want my next job to ideally last several years. Besides that, nothing new. Still dateless and living with my parents.

        I look forward to your personal blog entry. Up and down health stuff stinks; I hope it can be a lot more up and a lot less (aka zero) down! Changes are scary but sometimes a shakeup can be a good thing.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I wish you the best of luck with your job search. I hope you find something more stable, that fits what you’re looking for, and is ideal for the skills you bring to the table.

        Though not always perfect, my health has been better lately! So, I’m definitely happy about that.

        I’m glad you’re looking forward to my personal entry. It should come out sometime this month, as I mentioned in my latest post that I made today.

        I can relate to being dateless, and still living with my parents. My update definitely won’t be about either one of those things changing. It could be a step in the right direction, though! Here’s to hoping!!


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