It May Not Cure All Ills…TOTD 7/24

It may not cure all ills, but a smile can take you a long way. It really can lift the soul up from the doldrums of self-doubt, and decay. Besides what it can do for you, it can also greatly improve the moods of those you are with. A smile is free, but it can pay you back quite handsomely. Perhaps, even more than you can realize!


2 thoughts on “It May Not Cure All Ills…TOTD 7/24

    • Hello, Marica!!! Yes, smiles are powerful indeed! Haha, it’s funny. I knew you were the one who commented. You are my most loyal commenter after all, and I thank you for that!

      But, I also knew you were going to mention the update! 😀 I can’t blame you, though. I promised it’d be published this month, and this month’s almost over, so when’s it coming???!!! July 31st, at 11:59 pm, central standard time!!! 😀

      I’m joking (insert laughter here!), it’ll be sooner than that. I started on it yesterday, just a little bit. But don’t worry, I just finished writing it before I logged into WordPress!!!!!!! Yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      So, yeah, it’s done! I just have to edit it, and I’ll post it pretty soon after I’m finished with that. It did turn out pretty long. Not War and Peace long (LOL), but it’s the most I’ve talked about my own personal life since the Xanga days. So, I think it’ll live up to the hype, I hope!

      May your day be going well, and the update is coming!!!!!!!!! Probably in a day or two at the most. So, I hope you enjoy reading it!!!!!!!!!!!


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