There Once Was A Girl

This is for my beautiful friend Andrea that I met on Tumblr. It’s been a joy talking to you for almost two years now, and I’m glad to have been able to be there for you when you’ve needed it. You’re an amazing person, and I’m sure your future is very bright. I hope you’ll find love, happiness, and all that you seek after. Happy 18th, and may you enjoy this poem that I wrote for you.

There Once Was A Girl

By J.E.

There once was a girl
In a land far away
Who grew ever fairer each passing day

The onlookers marveled at her supreme beauty
Many would mumble “Oh what a cutie!”
Lest we forget, she was not one dimensional
A trailblazer, in ways quite unconventional

Her mind was a canvas
Of colors quite diverse
She wouldn’t be confined
By even the laws of the universe

If everyone said go right
Surely she would go left
For a free spirit she is
And of her freedom
She would not be bereft

Creator of worlds
Ever the amazing artist
With the tools of her craft
She is ever the smartest

Kindhearted and graceful
Yet also quite shy
In regards to her fashion sense
She’s super fly

Friend of all kittens
Lover of cats
If she was a soda
She’d never go flat

Now there’s much more that could be said
And more tales that could be told
But of your brilliance
All the pages in the world
Couldn’t possibly hold

You’re a gem
You’re a star
In life you’ll surely go far

And if you’re ever feeling blue
May these words ever ring true
That as a whole you’re resplendent
And your value is transcendent

There’s no one else
Quite like you
Happy Birthday
And now I bid you, adieu