It was a perfect day

This past Friday, March 30th, was my birthday!!! And, the day couldn’t have been more perfect, than what it was. I got to hang out with my mom; it was just the two of us, and it was great.


I almost could have missed it, but luckily my mom woke me up. I had slept very little the previous night. It was hard for me to get to sleep. It is usually a struggle for me, the night before I go somewhere.


Luka, Kelly’s ( my sister) dog, was with us for a short time. He had to be dropped off at Petsmart, for a grooming session. He needed a trim, and was going to get the full works, as well.


After that, we first went to La Mexicana, a Mexican market here in Round Rock. I’d been wanting to go there for awhile. It was really nice to see it finally. I’ve really been getting into cooking lately. Becoming a great cook is a major goal of mine, so any place selling food related items automatically interests me a lot.


After a brief stop at HoneyBaked Ham, we then went to Barnes & Noble, which was probably my favorite part of the day. We were there for awhile, and it was quite the joy to be surrounded by all of those books. It’d been quite some time since I’d been to any sort of book store. Being there reminded me of how much I do love books.


I probably could have easily spent all the money I had on me, but I settled on one book. It was an edition of The Lord of The Rings, with all three books, in one neat package. I’ve always been wanting to read all three books, but only ever had the first one. So, I thought, why not? This way I can read all of them, without having to get the other two books.


Lunch was next, and we went to Fuddruckers. It was my choice, of course, and I hadn’t been there in forever. I got the Barbecue burger, which was pretty good. I also got this mint chocolate chip shake, that was so yummy!! It was a great lunch.


After that, Luka was ready, and we picked him up. He looked so cute!!!!! He’s always cute, but his face really pops out, with the way they styled it. He was getting a lot of attention, as we were leaving. I could tell the cashier had the “awww!!!!” look on her face, as we were leaving.


We dropped him back off at home. Next we went to Wal-Mart, and HEB (A major Texas supermarket chain). I had been wanting to go to HEB for awhile again, to scout out some things for future cooking endeavors. That was also where we were going to get my ice cream at, to go along with the cake my mom had made for me. We also went to Popeye’s, and Subway in between those two destinations. My dad, and Ariel (my youngest sister) were going to get Popeye’s. My mom wanted a sub for later, and she offered to get me one too, which I decided to take her up on.


Eventually we arrived back home. HEB was our last stop, and we were there for awhile. It was very crowded. Probably, because of Easter coming, I’d imagine. Eventually, back at home, I ate my sub, and it was time for cake and ice cream. Everybody sang to me, and I blew out the candles. Everything tasted great, and that was my birthday. It was probably the best one I’ve had in quite awhile. I really couldn’t have asked for more!!!


*-I can’t believe I’m publishing this on my WordPress anniversary. I didn’t even realize it, until I logged in today. My first post was exactly four years ago, on this very day! I guess this entry couldn’t have been posted on a much better day.




Best Labor Day Ever & More New Posts to Come!

I probably had my best Labor Day ever. Usually I just stay at home and chill, but I got to go out with my parents and siblings this time. First we went to BJ’s for some eats, and then went to the movie’s to see Ant-Man. I didn’t have any expectations (good or bad) for it, but I absolutely loved it.

It had a lot of heart, and plenty of good humor that added a lot to the film. Another thing I enjoyed about it was how different Ant-Man was compared to other superhero movies when it came to his abilities. His ability to shrink down to such a small size,  go back to normal instantaneously, and control ants was very amusing as well as unique compared to other more well know heroes.

If you’re on the fence about seeing it, I’d say give it a shot. You might be surprised, and I highly recommend watching the movie. I definitely hope to see more of Ant-Man in the future whether in cameos in other MCU movies, and in hopefully sequels to the first film.

And after all of that, my dad took us all to Braum’s for some sweet treats to enjoy on the way back home. I got this caramel brownie sundae, and it was totally awesome. If you’re ever in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, or Missouri and want some ice cream they’re totally worth checking out. They also sell burgers, and plenty of other things as well.

So, it was a wonderful labor day, and I’m very thankful to be able to enjoy a great time with my family. But that’s not all! Including this post, I’m going to be making more entries this week. I plan to share one photo, since I haven’t done that in awhile. I got this great one I uploaded to Flickr last week that I took awhile back. I like it a lot!

There’s also two poems I plan to share. One was a poem I started a good while back, and was finally able to finish! The second I wrote for a really close Tumblr friend, who’s birthday is this coming Friday.

So, there’s more coming soon to my blog to look forward to! I hope my wonderful followers will enjoy that, and you’ll be hearing more from me soon. Wishing you a good night and day wherever you might be my dear friends!