A Shattered Mirror Made Whole

A Shattered Mirror Made Whole

By J.E.

The world is filled with pain
Broken and shattered dreams all around

Your life was another sad story
Lacking drive and absent of glory
Never were quite the first choice
Just a brilliant mind lacking a voice

And as I saw you passing by
I begged to wonder why
How others could ignore your cries for help

I want to melt away all these tears
And for you to enjoy the coming years
I want you to smile every day
And let the past drift further away

It’s time to embrace the new dawn
And scamper freely like the new born fawn
Won’t you come away with me
And let’s be free

Let it surround you
May everything be reborn once again

Your smile could make the stars weep
Its worth is priceless, never cheap
The tree deprived of her leaves
Is bountiful once again, who could ever believe it

And those who used to pass you by
Constantly wonder how
What was once dead
Could be so alive again

The future will be fraught with peril
But our love will be ever the sweet carol
That will pull us through the darkest times
And make ever sweeter the sweetest rhymes

Our love eternal
Our love ever true
The beauty of what was broken
Now even better than new


A Shattered Mirror Made Whole: A Prelude To The Poem

Love is a powerful thing, and an emotion that can spur the noblest of actions that a person can possibly pursue. It doesn’t just have to be romantic either. There’s the love of a parent who only wants the best for their child. The faithful friend who’s always there in one’s time of need. Or the love of one’s country that spurs someone to try to bring about change for the better. Love in all of its forms is an amazing thing.

This poem is about a romantic type of love, but not in the lovey dovey sense. It’s about loving a person who’s been down on their luck. They’ve been taken advantage of, stomped on by the world, and are devoid of all hope. Outwardly they might seem like a mess, but all it takes is one person to see the true beauty that lies within. And with that, a beautiful transformation can take place over time. One that can shock the world!

I definitely put some of myself in this poem. Though that’s true of any poem (haha) but this one probably more than most. This is the kind of love that I’d want to give someone. To be everything everyone else was not, and even more. That even if you felt like the lowliest of the low, I could make you feel like the highest of the high. And that no matter how bad anyone else in the past made you feel, that I could make you see just how amazing you really are. It’s a lofty ideal and I’m as far away from perfect as possible, but that’s what I’d strive for. I think that’s what I try to do for those people that matter the most to me. Whether friends or family, I just want people to know that they matter.

Considering how much I’ve rambled on, I’ll just post the poem in a separate entry. Thanks for reading my thoughts on this matter! 🙂