The Setting Sun

I dedicate this poem to the amazing singer that was Chris Cornell. He was definitely one of my favorite singers growing up, and his music is still amazing to this day. Whether his songs spoke to you or not, one can’t deny he had a powerful voice!

But I dedicate this poem not only for him, but for all those we’ve lost. Whether by death, time, circumstances, or whatever might be the case. A sun might set, but a legacy never has to die. Enjoy.

The Setting Sun



So comes the setting sun
Another day has come and gone
You shined so bright
Star of our life

Who could have imagined?
Who could have known?
That one who emitted so much light
Would be engulfed by endless night

Yet it comes to one and all
The light fades to black
The warmth of April
The brilliance of August
Give way to October
And finally the harsh cold of December

Never will we hear a word again
No song, no mirth, no sorrow
A vacuum of infinite silence
Another star has died

But let’s not forget your brilliance
Let’s not forget your light
Those warm loving rays
That kept us alive
That gave us life!
Let’s not forget

The setting sun has come
And though death might seem to have won
What has been, can’t be undone
Let loving words be spoken
A legacy, unbroken


Just Give Me Your Mind

Here’s the poem I promised, that’s related to The Gift of Individuality post. Always think for yourself, and never give your mind over to anyone completely. Embrace individuality, and the power we have to think for ourselves. Enjoy!

Just Give Me Your Mind



They’ve fed you mere fantasies
Nothing but ideals
Yet there is someone higher
Who’ll show you what’s false
And reveal what’s real

Just give me your mind
Let me take control
I’ll seep into every crevice
Enter every pore
Once you get a taste
You’ll be craving more

Throw your morals out the door
There’s no need for those anymore
Who taught you such things as “kindness”
Surely someone that’s so mindless!

You’ve got to listen to what I say
There’s simply no other way
The whole world is just black and white
There’s nothing in between
No shades of grey
There’s simply no other way

Think inside the box
There’s nothing worth anything outside of it
The demons and snakes dwell there
You better beware!

Let me chop you into bits
And steal all of your wits
I’ll mold you like clay
Then you’ll surely see it my way

Plug into my mind
And never plug out again
You’re only safe within my grasp
My truth is the only thing that’ll last

You fought for a long time
But my vision is complete
As you look into the mirror
What is it you see
Oh such beauty
It’s only me

There Once Was A Girl

This is for my beautiful friend Andrea that I met on Tumblr. It’s been a joy talking to you for almost two years now, and I’m glad to have been able to be there for you when you’ve needed it. You’re an amazing person, and I’m sure your future is very bright. I hope you’ll find love, happiness, and all that you seek after. Happy 18th, and may you enjoy this poem that I wrote for you.

There Once Was A Girl

By J.E.

There once was a girl
In a land far away
Who grew ever fairer each passing day

The onlookers marveled at her supreme beauty
Many would mumble “Oh what a cutie!”
Lest we forget, she was not one dimensional
A trailblazer, in ways quite unconventional

Her mind was a canvas
Of colors quite diverse
She wouldn’t be confined
By even the laws of the universe

If everyone said go right
Surely she would go left
For a free spirit she is
And of her freedom
She would not be bereft

Creator of worlds
Ever the amazing artist
With the tools of her craft
She is ever the smartest

Kindhearted and graceful
Yet also quite shy
In regards to her fashion sense
She’s super fly

Friend of all kittens
Lover of cats
If she was a soda
She’d never go flat

Now there’s much more that could be said
And more tales that could be told
But of your brilliance
All the pages in the world
Couldn’t possibly hold

You’re a gem
You’re a star
In life you’ll surely go far

And if you’re ever feeling blue
May these words ever ring true
That as a whole you’re resplendent
And your value is transcendent

There’s no one else
Quite like you
Happy Birthday
And now I bid you, adieu

A Shattered Mirror Made Whole

A Shattered Mirror Made Whole

By J.E.

The world is filled with pain
Broken and shattered dreams all around

Your life was another sad story
Lacking drive and absent of glory
Never were quite the first choice
Just a brilliant mind lacking a voice

And as I saw you passing by
I begged to wonder why
How others could ignore your cries for help

I want to melt away all these tears
And for you to enjoy the coming years
I want you to smile every day
And let the past drift further away

It’s time to embrace the new dawn
And scamper freely like the new born fawn
Won’t you come away with me
And let’s be free

Let it surround you
May everything be reborn once again

Your smile could make the stars weep
Its worth is priceless, never cheap
The tree deprived of her leaves
Is bountiful once again, who could ever believe it

And those who used to pass you by
Constantly wonder how
What was once dead
Could be so alive again

The future will be fraught with peril
But our love will be ever the sweet carol
That will pull us through the darkest times
And make ever sweeter the sweetest rhymes

Our love eternal
Our love ever true
The beauty of what was broken
Now even better than new

Happy Is The Tree

I’ve been working on more poems lately, but as often is the case nowadays have failed to finish the first two I started on. Thankfully last night I was inspired again, and was able to finish this one.

Life brings its twist and turns that can rattle us to the core. Yet I think those that are able to adapt, and can take what life gives them are often the most successful. I hope you dear reader will enjoy it!

Happy Is The Tree

By J.E.

Happy is the tree
That sways effortlessly
As the wind pushes it where it will
It has no worries
It has no fears
From here to there
Or everywhere
It goes as the wind commands it
If it bends
It bends
It never struggles
Or tries too hard to comprehend
It doesn’t come up with theories
Or deep philosophies
It embraces a simple childlike trust
Not clever sophistries
It may not understand every here, how, or why
But happy is the tree
That embraces life as it comes
And kisses fear goodbye

Look My Way

There are quite a few poems I’ve written from way back that I still haven’t shared. Some of them I had completed before Xanga had its apocalypse. I definitely don’t write poetry as much lately, though sometimes I’ll be inspired to write only to not be able to finish.

This poem is complete though! Hope everyone likes the surprise silly ending! 😀 Also, this is for you Marica. In your last post you requested that I post more, so I wanted to make this entry to hopefully put a smile on your face. May it be a good read, my dear friend!

Look My Way



Look my way
Look my way
And perhaps
The emptiness will be chased away

Give me a chance
Give me a chance
And grant me
A dance

Give me your ear
Give me your ear
And perhaps
Please hear

All the words I wish to say
And this love I have
That I wish to convey

Look my way
Look my way
And perhaps
Give me some of the time in your day

Give me a chance
Give me a chance
And grant me
A little glance

Give me your ear
Give me your ear
And perhaps
You’ll hear

The sweetest melody
That the world has ever known
Too bad
I’m just a garden gnome!

A Great Light (A poem for a wonderful friend!)

A Great Light

By J.E. =)


Your beauty is certain

Inside you is a world of light and wonder

Waves might roar

Clouds might pour

But nothing can extinguish your flame


The words you share bring joy

To the heart that is willing to receive them

And to your true friends

You are a treasure indeed!


Gaze up to the sky

The stars do shine

In spite of how far away they are

Their splendor does travel far

And even if it be darkest night

Your radiance will be ever bright



To my dear friend, Kim. I was not planning to write this, but it came on a whim. I just want you to feel loved, and reminded of how extraordinary you are. You are a joy to talk to you, and I am very thankful for you. Whether good times or bad, may your light shine ever onward to greater and brighter things.


This poem is about delusional people like dictators, kings/queens, or even ordinary people that think they’re more than what they are. They act like the world revolves around them, and that they are somehow above others. They are stricken with megalomania, and can’t even see beyond their own nose.

Hope you readers enjoy the poem, and have you ever met someone you felt had megalomania?




Many stars shine bright
But I’m the brightest of them all
Everyone has a purpose in life
But some are just more important

I can’t explain it
The electricity flowing through my veins
I can’t deny it
I’m at the top of the food chain

Delusion’s grand symphony
I ascend beyond infinity

Life is so grand
When everyone exists to make you happy
They just don’t understand
The meaning of my existence

Jealous of my stature
Envious of my beauty
I can’t blame them
For I’d be jealous too

If some are born to rule
Then surely others are born to serve
I was born to my place
And others to theirs

I can’t explain it
Why I am this way
I can’t deny it
I speak and others obey

Ruling over others is my expertise
Insanity’s greatest masterpiece

The Idols We Construct

So, this is my latest poem. I was writing it last night, and I feel now it’s time to share it. There are quite a few other older poems I could share, but I think it’s time for this one right now! Basically it’s about how we can idolize someone, and then find out they’re not what we thought they were. Definitely not a fun experience, but certainly not an uncommon one.

It can be kinda like expecting a literal idol to talk, eat, or care about our problems. It’s not real, only a symbol of a greater reality. In a similar sense, it can be the same when we really look up to someone, or deeply love them in a romantic sense. You expect them to be amazing, and out of this world. However, reality can be very different sometimes. Our feelings can be grand delusions, that never were really true to begin with.

Of course, sometimes it can be a positive thing. Maybe someone is a great person, even if our initial impression of them isn’t a good one. Then there could be the scenario where we think highly of someone, and they’re even better than we thought! So, it definitely doesn’t have to be negative. Anyway, hope who’s ever reading enjoys the poem!

The Idols We Construct



The idols we construct
Lead to our destruction
They never seem to be
What we think they are

I ask you to speak
But you just stare ever so blankly
It’s as if you don’t care
As if you don’t care at all

Can you give me food
I’m ever so hungry
But you starve me
And feed me blank stares

Where were you in my time of need
When I cried out in pain
You just went through the motions
Never uttering even a peep
You’re just a blind and lost sheep

What did I ever
Did I ever see in you
You stole my heart one night
Just out of the blue

A random permutation
A one hit wonder sensation
I thought the world of you
What was I to do


The past can be a hard thing for us to reconcile with. There are good memories, but it’s often the bad one’s that we carry with us. That’s what this poem is about, for the past can be like shadows, that follow us wherever we go. Yet, anything can be overcome, even a past that may haunt us in our everyday lives. Hope you enjoy the poem, and have a good weekend everyone! 🙂


Shadows everywhere
Shadows upon the walls
Shadows in my mind
I feel so confined

We can outrun many things
But we can’t escape our past
For it’s the very fiber of our being
A foundation set in stone

These shadows consume
They gnaw upon the bones of my soul
Be gone
Just leave me alone!

Where is solace
Where is relief
Who knew shadows
Could give me such grief

What did I ever do to you
Did I ever bring up your past
Or the scars that wound your soul

Did I steal your candy
When you were ever so young
Did I reject you
Or ever ruin your fun

Who made you the boss
Arbiter or God
You’re nothing
And yet everything

Yet you have your weakness
I know your kryptonite
For every shadow
There must be a source of light

The light is all that is good
And ever will be
It’s a present without shadows
And a bright future that’s yet to be

I’ll be terse with you
Quite rude in fact
Get out of my life, shadows
And do not come back

And if but for a moment
I see your ugly head
The past is the past
But hope is never dead