A Shattered Mirror Made Whole

A Shattered Mirror Made Whole

By J.E.

The world is filled with pain
Broken and shattered dreams all around

Your life was another sad story
Lacking drive and absent of glory
Never were quite the first choice
Just a brilliant mind lacking a voice

And as I saw you passing by
I begged to wonder why
How others could ignore your cries for help

I want to melt away all these tears
And for you to enjoy the coming years
I want you to smile every day
And let the past drift further away

It’s time to embrace the new dawn
And scamper freely like the new born fawn
Won’t you come away with me
And let’s be free

Let it surround you
May everything be reborn once again

Your smile could make the stars weep
Its worth is priceless, never cheap
The tree deprived of her leaves
Is bountiful once again, who could ever believe it

And those who used to pass you by
Constantly wonder how
What was once dead
Could be so alive again

The future will be fraught with peril
But our love will be ever the sweet carol
That will pull us through the darkest times
And make ever sweeter the sweetest rhymes

Our love eternal
Our love ever true
The beauty of what was broken
Now even better than new


A Shattered Mirror Made Whole: A Prelude To The Poem

Love is a powerful thing, and an emotion that can spur the noblest of actions that a person can possibly pursue. It doesn’t just have to be romantic either. There’s the love of a parent who only wants the best for their child. The faithful friend who’s always there in one’s time of need. Or the love of one’s country that spurs someone to try to bring about change for the better. Love in all of its forms is an amazing thing.

This poem is about a romantic type of love, but not in the lovey dovey sense. It’s about loving a person who’s been down on their luck. They’ve been taken advantage of, stomped on by the world, and are devoid of all hope. Outwardly they might seem like a mess, but all it takes is one person to see the true beauty that lies within. And with that, a beautiful transformation can take place over time. One that can shock the world!

I definitely put some of myself in this poem. Though that’s true of any poem (haha) but this one probably more than most. This is the kind of love that I’d want to give someone. To be everything everyone else was not, and even more. That even if you felt like the lowliest of the low, I could make you feel like the highest of the high. And that no matter how bad anyone else in the past made you feel, that I could make you see just how amazing you really are. It’s a lofty ideal and I’m as far away from perfect as possible, but that’s what I’d strive for. I think that’s what I try to do for those people that matter the most to me. Whether friends or family, I just want people to know that they matter.

Considering how much I’ve rambled on, I’ll just post the poem in a separate entry. Thanks for reading my thoughts on this matter! 🙂

Best Labor Day Ever & More New Posts to Come!

I probably had my best Labor Day ever. Usually I just stay at home and chill, but I got to go out with my parents and siblings this time. First we went to BJ’s for some eats, and then went to the movie’s to see Ant-Man. I didn’t have any expectations (good or bad) for it, but I absolutely loved it.

It had a lot of heart, and plenty of good humor that added a lot to the film. Another thing I enjoyed about it was how different Ant-Man was compared to other superhero movies when it came to his abilities. His ability to shrink down to such a small size,  go back to normal instantaneously, and control ants was very amusing as well as unique compared to other more well know heroes.

If you’re on the fence about seeing it, I’d say give it a shot. You might be surprised, and I highly recommend watching the movie. I definitely hope to see more of Ant-Man in the future whether in cameos in other MCU movies, and in hopefully sequels to the first film.

And after all of that, my dad took us all to Braum’s for some sweet treats to enjoy on the way back home. I got this caramel brownie sundae, and it was totally awesome. If you’re ever in Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, or Missouri and want some ice cream they’re totally worth checking out. They also sell burgers, and plenty of other things as well.

So, it was a wonderful labor day, and I’m very thankful to be able to enjoy a great time with my family. But that’s not all! Including this post, I’m going to be making more entries this week. I plan to share one photo, since I haven’t done that in awhile. I got this great one I uploaded to Flickr last week that I took awhile back. I like it a lot!

There’s also two poems I plan to share. One was a poem I started a good while back, and was finally able to finish! The second I wrote for a really close Tumblr friend, who’s birthday is this coming Friday.

So, there’s more coming soon to my blog to look forward to! I hope my wonderful followers will enjoy that, and you’ll be hearing more from me soon. Wishing you a good night and day wherever you might be my dear friends!

Happy Is The Tree

I’ve been working on more poems lately, but as often is the case nowadays have failed to finish the first two I started on. Thankfully last night I was inspired again, and was able to finish this one.

Life brings its twist and turns that can rattle us to the core. Yet I think those that are able to adapt, and can take what life gives them are often the most successful. I hope you dear reader will enjoy it!

Happy Is The Tree

By J.E.

Happy is the tree
That sways effortlessly
As the wind pushes it where it will
It has no worries
It has no fears
From here to there
Or everywhere
It goes as the wind commands it
If it bends
It bends
It never struggles
Or tries too hard to comprehend
It doesn’t come up with theories
Or deep philosophies
It embraces a simple childlike trust
Not clever sophistries
It may not understand every here, how, or why
But happy is the tree
That embraces life as it comes
And kisses fear goodbye

Cleansing Of The Soul: TOTD 6/24

A good deed without expecting anything in return cleanses the palate of the soul. It feels so good when you know you’re trying to do something positive for someone else with no ugly underlying motives soiling the act. Such an act is positively refreshing, and is almost revolutionary nowadays. It’s amazing to think about what this world would be like if we all were naturally inclined to seek the good of others all the time. No one would be in need of anything, and we’d all be happy in return. Such a world is a fantasy, but we can all take the initiative to bring more positivity to a world that can use all the light it can handle.

Look My Way

There are quite a few poems I’ve written from way back that I still haven’t shared. Some of them I had completed before Xanga had its apocalypse. I definitely don’t write poetry as much lately, though sometimes I’ll be inspired to write only to not be able to finish.

This poem is complete though! Hope everyone likes the surprise silly ending! 😀 Also, this is for you Marica. In your last post you requested that I post more, so I wanted to make this entry to hopefully put a smile on your face. May it be a good read, my dear friend!

Look My Way



Look my way
Look my way
And perhaps
The emptiness will be chased away

Give me a chance
Give me a chance
And grant me
A dance

Give me your ear
Give me your ear
And perhaps
Please hear

All the words I wish to say
And this love I have
That I wish to convey

Look my way
Look my way
And perhaps
Give me some of the time in your day

Give me a chance
Give me a chance
And grant me
A little glance

Give me your ear
Give me your ear
And perhaps
You’ll hear

The sweetest melody
That the world has ever known
Too bad
I’m just a garden gnome!

A Great Light (A poem for a wonderful friend!)

A Great Light

By J.E. =)


Your beauty is certain

Inside you is a world of light and wonder

Waves might roar

Clouds might pour

But nothing can extinguish your flame


The words you share bring joy

To the heart that is willing to receive them

And to your true friends

You are a treasure indeed!


Gaze up to the sky

The stars do shine

In spite of how far away they are

Their splendor does travel far

And even if it be darkest night

Your radiance will be ever bright



To my dear friend, Kim. I was not planning to write this, but it came on a whim. I just want you to feel loved, and reminded of how extraordinary you are. You are a joy to talk to you, and I am very thankful for you. Whether good times or bad, may your light shine ever onward to greater and brighter things.

A Comparison

Well, time to finally make the promised post! Besides showing a picture from my newest camera, I wanted to share a picture from my older camera so you could see the difference. I definitely think it’s noticeable! 🙂

This is not a perfect comparison, but I think it will demonstrate how much better the images with my new camera can look.

First one photo with the old Nikon S9100:

The Queen

Originally taken on April 11, 2014

And now one with the Sony Alpha a5000:

Cute As A Button

Originally taken on August 21, 2014

So what do you think? I really love the Sony Alpha a5000 so far. I’d just love to get some new lenses for it, but that probably still won’t be for awhile. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures!